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New Saturday 11 plus School


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Our fees are:

£15 per hour for Group

£30 per lesson for Individual 1 to 1.



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What Do We Teach?

We teach all aspects of the 11 plus exams to enable your child to have a fighting chance of passing these daunting exams.

We also teach GCSE Maths and all the GCSE sciences from all the Exam Boards.

11+ English

We look at all aspects of the English skills required from spelling, punctuation and grammer. We examine techniques to pass the numerous quiz type questions as well as the difficlut comprehension exercises.

Also focusing on dramatically increasing vocabulary.

11+ Verbal & non-verbal reasoning

This topic is never taught at primary schools but accounts for a third of the exam marks. We look at techniques to unravel the mysteries around these 2 topics.

GCSE Maths

We cover all of the topis for GCSE Higher and Foundation maths from Edexcel, AQA and OCR.

We focus on the questions that we know students struggle with such as Vectors, Functions, Circle Theorem, Complex algebra  to name but a few.

11+ Maths

We learn 2 step solving of equations, maths conundrums, problem solving, times tables, 3 digit multiplication and long division amongst many other topics for the 11+ Exams.

We cover all topics for GCSE Maths

11+ and  GCSE Exam techniques

This is probably the most important aspect as honing these skills gives students enough time to complete all the questions. In doing so they maximise the potential to pass the exams. Sadly, it is often the case that pupils will run out of time due to poor exam technique.

GCSE Sciences

We cover all of the topis for GCSE Higher and Foundation sciences from Edexcel, AQA and OCR.

We focus on the topics that we know students struggle with such as moles, balancing equations, genetics, SUVAT equations, electric circuits to name but a few.


See some of the reviews of our past students

Teacher and Blackboard

Richard has always been a favourite tutor for my daughter and without him she would not have passed her 11+ exams.


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